About The Photographers

Hello! Welcome to our  Photography Website!

The website embodies fine art photographs by Canadian photographers Judy Harrison Cochand, David R. Beatty and Caley Taylor. The passion for photography runs in our family, as we are all related and love talking photo jargon and sharing thoughts on our latest photography projects.

When the Covid pandemic engulfed us, Caley found time to work on the idea of selling our photographs. We wanted to share the emotions and feelings brought on by looking at our imagery. We wanted to share happiness and hope.

Caley Taylor

Photography has been a passion of mine since I received my first camera in elementary school.  There was something enticing about stealing a moment in time, with the added challenge of creating a dynamic composition.  My event & portrait business, Caley Taylor Photography, began in 2002, after receiving a Professional Photography Diploma (with honours).  The outdoors has always called to me.  Many of the Nature Photographs are from our many camping trips and long walks through the woods at our DeGrassi cottage.  I love being outside and feeling the elements on my skin.
I hope these Fine Art Photographs give you moments of happiness.  They are available for purchase.  Please email Caley if you have any questions.  

Judy Harrison Cochand

Judy Harrison Cochand left her beloved native Canada to follow her husband to England. She now resides there with her two labradors in the wilds of New Forest and enjoys a ramble in the Forest with her dogs and camera by her side. Whenever possible, she returns to Canada to be enveloped by friends and family.  If you are an early riser, you will always spot her out in her canoe. Follow Judy on Instagram at Mrs Karsh's Photos.

David R. Beatty, C.M., O.B.E.

David is a professor at the Rotman School of Management and is presently the Academic Director of the David and Sharon Johnston Centre for Corporate Governance Innovation.  He has been a director of 40 publicly traded companies and Chairman of 9. He is the founder and still teaches in the Directors Education Program.  David is an avid photographer and enjoys traveling the world photographing unique birds and animals.